Data Sources

As your Collaborative Network or community health coalition convenes to address health concerns, one of the early phases of working together may include gathering data in order to conduct a health assessment or gather additional data to complement existing health assessments.

In North Carolina, Local Health Departments and community partners engaged in the Community Health Assessment process are encouraged to refer to the list of valid data sources for accreditation purposes here: Community Health Assessment Secondary Data and Recommended Sources. (Source: DPH CHA)


Additional data resources and tools include:

Data Aggregator Tools | Demographic Info | Additional NC Data Websites |

Data Aggregator Tools

Demographic Information

Additional NC Data Websites

  • The Institute of Government's Library - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Library Catalog A list of North Carolina county websites. The list contains websites that provide information on local and regional government; civic organizations; education resources; convention & visitor's bureaus; tourism and relocation services; and commercial services.
  • State Library of North Carolina- Historical summaries of the formation of North Carolina's counties.
  • NC GenWeb - A database run by volunteers to provide information on county histories, queries, old maps and family reunion bulletin boards. When at site, scroll down for list of counties.


Resources by Health Topic

The Center for Healthy NC supports efforts to address the Healthy NC 2020 Objectives - including many of the health issues listed below and cross-cutting areas. Visit the Center for Healthy NC for objectives, evidence-based strategies, success stories, and more.

Access to Health Care
Chronic Disease
Community Health
Health Promotion
Infectious Diseases
Oral Health
Diverse Populations
National and Global Initiatives